digital actors for "MindPalace" VR experience

Carl krause character 16

digital actors - high poly

Carl krause ezgif com video to gif 1

Protagonist turntable

Carl krause max turntable

Partner turntable

Carl krause bathroom

Unreal Engine Rendering,
retopo by Niko Maderthoner

Carl krause fotoscan 01

the actors Anthony Paul and Max Allgeier during the fotoscan session

Carl krause scan 02

uncleaned bodyscans

Carl krause character 18

uncleaned facescans

digital actors for "MindPalace" VR experience

For the VR Experience "MindPalace" we worked with the actors Anthony Paul and Max Allgeier. To get good results with the mocap-data and to create a naturalistic look for some of the parts of our story, we needed a close representation of them in 3D.
Therefore we shot hundreds of photos inside a lightstage. Nikolai Maderthoner generated 3D meshes from the photos with Agisoft Photoscan. I used them as a base to sculpt those high detailed models. The sculpting was done in ZBrush. The final models are slightly stylized to conquer the uncanny valley and because it worked better when baked down to the low-poly-versions.

"MindPalace" is a VR-Experience by Dominik Stockhausen, Niko Maderthoner, Malte Stehr and me.
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