"MindPalace" VR Experience - Simulation and LookDev

Carl krause screenshot 04

MindPalace VR realtime Experience

breakdown - destruction part one

Carl krause screenshot 01

Unreal Capture

breakdown - kiss

Carl krause screenshot 02

Unreal Capture

breakdown - club

Carl krause screenshot 03

Unreal Capture

breakdown - destruction part two

Carl krause sim compilation 01

Every shot is a combination of different flip-simulations and character animations. I converted everything to VDBs to have more control over blending everything together.

Carl krause shaderexplained

The look should support the glitchy nature of the vertext animation, add more detail to the surface and break up the silhouette. The final shader stacks 3 copies of the geo over each other and assignes different material settings to get painterly quality.

"MindPalace" VR Experience - Simulation and LookDev

This short Making-Of covers the simulation and LookDev of the MindPalace - VR Experience.
The goal was to tell a continuous fluid stream that forms different images of memories and emotions along its way. I created a shitload of fluid simulations in Houdini, combined them to one object and exported that as a sequence of vertex animation textures. The textures store the position of every vertex in every frame and in the Unreal Engine the shader reads the textures and moves the verteces to its correct position. Through that it was possible to render a giant 6min long fluidsimulation in Unreal.

MindPalace is a realtime 6dof VR-Experience and my graduation project from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
I was responsible for directing (together with Dominik Stockhausen), LookDev, Shading, Simulation, Lighting and Modeling.
More informations at www.mindpalace-vr.com